With Paper Game we want to make it as easy as possible to be creative, and we want to do this by breaking the technical barrier that separates your idea from reality.

In Paper Game you can design your own platforming levels by drawing them on a sheet of paper. You can draw whatever you want, you’re not restricted to a grid or to certain shapes, all you need to have in mind is the colors you use. To then play it, you simply take a picture with your phone, set the start and end point, decide which colors does what (e.g. walk on black and die on red) and that’s it!

Play the level on your phone or upload it to our server to be able to play it directly in the web browser, no installation required! This makes it easy to share with your friends, you just send them the link. Here you can then compete for the fastest time and even keep track of how many have played your level!

With this focus on ease of use, we want to lower the barrier of entry to level design and make it enjoyable for the entire family, even for younger children.

Stay tuned for information about our closed alpha!

Crunch Studios
A studio by passionate people

Crunch Studios was started in 2017 by some Master students studying Game Development at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden.

They are hoping to break into the video game industry with their first game - Paper Game. Their passion for games and their lust for knowledge makes this team something to look out for!