Paper Game

Download Paper Game (May Build)

Paper Game is an Augmented Reality game where you draw your own levels on regular paper and can then play them directly on your phone. It’s hard to pinpoint a genre because our vision is that in the future we’ll support everything from racing games to platformers.

What separates it from other titles such as Mario Maker and Happy Wheels is that it only requires pen and paper, not an Expensive Gaming system, which means that it's much more accessible to players and encourages cooperation. A group of children could get together in the same room and design a whole world together.

Old trailer:

Crunch Studios
A studio by passionate students

Crunch Studios was started in 2017 by some Master students studying Game Development at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden.

They are hoping to break into the video game industry with their first game - Paper Game. Their passion for games and their lust for knowledge makes this team something to look out for!